Adding a device to EFB-Pro

Adding a device to EFB-Pro

Instructions for installing the EFB-Pro app onto your iPhone or iPad.


1)     Select the AppStore icon on your home page of your ipad or iphone. If you already have done this, jump to 1d.

a.      Install the EFB-Pro application from the App Store (Search for EFB-PRO). 

b.      Start the program and register by entering your First and Last name in the USER NAME field and Company Name in the ACCOUNT NAME field.

                                 The password field is optional, see below                              
                                 Complete the email field and phone number  as well. Press SUBMIT

c.      The DEMO database will install automatically. 

d.      Contact us so we can activate your specific device and database. Each device must be activated.

                                          i)   Specifically we need the names you entered. Contact info below.
                                          ii)  If you miss enter the information, you will not be able to change it; but we can.
                                          iii) Be aware, there are no passwords or keys.  Activation is handled by CAVU.


2)     We will send you a return email when it is ready, then:

a.      Go to SETUP > SIGN-IN > and press SUBMIT.  Don’t be worried about what is displayed.  Follow the prompts.

b.      When the database has been successfully downloaded, press OK then select your aircraft.

c.      Sign up for the EFB-Pro Tech Letter to receive notices of application updates.  Click here


We recommend you watch the video below to familiarize yourself with the application Click here


Thank you for using EFB-Pro.




Here is our information


Direct line  315-235-1170


Toll free 800-464-3375



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